Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. is a prophetic visionary who is changing the world by helping us change how we relate and communicate with each other. Listen to him!
— John Igwebuike, Associate Professor & Associate Dean at Alcorn State University


Creating change requires an individual who is not only committed to institutional change, but most importantly an individual committed to your change. Eddie Moore, Jr. works with organizations, businesses, communities, cities, institutions and schools to tailor his work to your needs. Working with organizations prior and post visit, Dr. Moore provides consulting training sessions that have been described as high energy, motivating, challenging and enlightening by participants of all ages, time and time again. His delivery style includes presentations and keynote speeches, classroom workshops, group and individual planning, cultural competency training, and organizational change. Dr. Moore works with organizations, not for organizations, as he is committed to building relationships, one change agent at a time.

Consulting Opportunities include:

  • Engaging Youth through Athletic Camps
  • Organizational/ Institutional Change
  • Diversity and Law Enforcement
  • Cultural Competency
  • Cultural Diversity and Teachers/Curriculum
  • International/Global Workplace: Preparing Corporations for Diversity
  • Sexual Harassment and Affirmative Action in the Workplace


Dr. Moore’s most requested Keynotes include:

Diversity, Privilege and Leadership: Are We Making Any Progress in the 21st Century
This interactive, informational, challenging and energetic session examines and explores issues of diversity, privilege, oppression and leadership across America. We all have an excellent opportunity to be positive role models, powerful decision makers, and effective agents of change, if we have the tools. Are we making any progress?
America Is Changing: Are You Ready?
This session challenges participants to examine their own biases, behaviors and belief systems. Additionally, they learn how to take action against hatred, bigotry, privilege and oppression. We need more leaders for social justice and equity across America. Do you have the skills and ability to lead?
The Challenges of Addiction: A Zero-Hero Story
Zero to Hero is the true-life story of Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. as he takes participants from his youth growing up facing the challenges of poverty, drugs and alcohol in a Florida “hood” to his role as a national leader, educator, consultant and motivational speaker. Honest, raw and challenging, participants will hear the story of how, despite a support system, the temptations of 'street life' left him facing addictions, scared, insecure, lost and out of control. But this is not the story of the “Zero.” This is the story of how when those around you believe in you, and can convince you to believe in yourself, then anything really is possible. For those who are facing life’s many, many challenges, this is a powerful story of redemption, forgiveness, hard, work, determination and Moore. The "Hero" is about excellence, achievement, capabilities, opportunities. The "Hero" means focus, attitude, community and excellence. These are some of the key things connected to leadership, building relationships, creating change, athletics, academics and Moore. This session is designed to leave participants enlightened and empowered to change the world, one person at a time.


Dr. Moore’s most requested Workshops include:

White Privilege: Getting in on the Conversations
This interactive, informational, challenging and energetic session examines and explores white privilege/oppression and the imperative that those promoting diversity must “get in on the conversations.” Participants will leave with the skills and knowledge necessary to begin addressing issues of white privilege/oppression individually and institutionally.
The N!gga(er) Word: Is There a Message in The Madness?
Who is allowed to say the N!igga (er) word? What do we do/say when N!gga (er) is said in our classrooms, hallways, practice fields, dinner table, cafeterias and resident halls? Ignoring the N!gga (er) word is not an option anymore – You can hear N!gga everywhere in the 21st century.

Participants are challenged to examine their personal/professional histories with N!gga (er), when and/or how they first heard N!gga (er) and pictures/feelings associated with the word. The workshop encourages all people, but specifically young people/future leaders, to consider the ramifications of casual or uniformed usage of a powerful and troublesome word.*

*Please keep a look out for our educational video on The N!gga(er) Word: http://tinyurl.com/n-words2012

I Am George Zimmerman, Ferguson, Oklahoma University, Baltimore, Cleveland: Conversations about White Supremacy, White Privilege, and Oppression.
Participants examine these issues and other forms of oppression in this interactive session. Explore the recent surge of open racial violence and the use of media to spread and combat our thoughts, interactions, institutions, and cultural practices. Learn to engage in critical conversational tactics to deepen understanding and engagement, especially when viewpoints differ and tensions run high. Explore not only where we have been and where we are, but also how to prepare new insights, skills and tools to empower your activism as a role model and agent for social and institutional transformation.


Dr. Moore delivers an additional wide range of keynote addresses/workshops, including:

  • Black Males, Athletics, Academics and The New Achievement Gap
  • Diversity, Privilege and Multicultural Education: Are Teachers Ready?
  • Dr. Martin Luther King: Let’s Stop Dreaming!
  • Everybody Needs Diversity Skills and Cultural Confidence!
  • LEADer/ship: Is it Nurture or Nature (The Lion King) (great for grades K-12)
  • Make It Happen: Motivating, Challenging and Inspiring Youth to ACTION!
  • The Mirror Exercise: Everyone Needs Confidence, Self-Esteem and Motivation (great for grades K-12)
  • Youth and High Self-Esteem: What Matters Is On The Inside