Personal attacks, derogatory language and Moore. That is what we started to receive at the close of the largest, most challenging and most engaging WPC ever. The growth of the conference highlights the need for these open and honest discussions on white supremacy, white privilege and oppression. What has also grown from the conference is hateful, harmful and vile threats of death and physical harm. A “journalist” illegally recorded presenters and posted an article that has resulted in over 100 hate mails, often quite violent and threatening. For this reason I need to ask you to take extra precaution and security during my talks.

Below is a sample of the emails to help you understand the seriousness of the threats.

We are working with the police and national hate group monitoring organizations as well as the local law enforcement security wherever I am going in the next few weeks.
Thanks so much and please feel free to contact me if you have questions.


Most recent threat:

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 11:33 PM
Subject: 5 quick ?'s

1) Do you understand the difference between white people and Jews? I don't think you have a grasp on even this simple concept. Jews are not white,don't consider themselves white,hate white people.White people have done nothing but save your asses time and time and time again.
2) Do you know who the slave traders were in South America,Caribbean,and North America were? JEWS..ok,not white people. Yes less than %2 of white Europeans had slaves,but 100,00's died to end slavery...Blacks owned slaves
3) Who were the first people in the world to end slavery??? White people,not blacks who still practice slavery today in Africa.
4) Let me ask you do you know who is the least represented demographic in IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS by a long shot??? White people are the most discriminated against in the very schools they built. I suggest reading "THE CHOSEN GETTING IN" 'The Chosen': Getting In by David Brooks.
5) No matter how much crime white people put up with,mob riots,gang rapes,murders,lighting people on fire. You still cry about "white privilege' If it were not for white people you would be dead,or enslaved by Jews you stupid fucking nigger. Yet you still have the audacity to push "diversity" meaning displacing white people...Not once have niggers managed to form a civil society,NOT ONCE!..All black people do IS DESTROY,DESTROY,DESTROY!!
.DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THE PUNISHMENT FOR GENOCIDE IS? I suggest reading the U.N. definition of genocide...YOU ARE GUILTY OF WHITE GENOCIDE ALONG WITH YOUR JEWISH BUDDIES LIKE PAUL KIVEL,and can legally be strung the fuck up..You better watch it nigger.