Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. is a masterful communicator on the complex range of human existence particularly in matters relating to race, language, culture, history and human rights. He is incredibly knowledgeable, always currently informed and has a unique ability to open the minds of his listeners. I was privileged to attend his four-hour presentation to a national organization of lawyers and judges. He earned laudatory evaluations from all who heard him.
— Charles Z. Smith, Washington Supreme Court Justice (retired)


...providing opportunities and hope to all students lost in a fast-paced and ever-changing world. To work with institutions and help communities become leaders in diversity. To be a culturally competent, effective, intelligent, consistent educator and an Advocate for Peace, Equality and Justice.

Eddie Moore is one of a kind! Dynamic, energetic and full of life is one small way to describe him. My first experience with Eddie was listening to his keynote address to a diversity conference at the Indian Hills College in Ottumwa, Iowa. Eddie had the full attention of all of the attendees as he brought forth new and fresh ideas and concepts in an interesting and often humorous way. Of course, I can’t speak for all attendees, however he left me and three of my business associates inspired and I have little doubt that the other attendees felt the same.

After my first experience, listening to Eddie speak, I made a point to communicate with him and have had the opportunity to invite him to our company to meet with several of my associates and I have since, developed a friendship with him. Eddie is a deep thinker with interesting and refreshing viewpoints. He is an inspirational speaker and leaves his intended audience, regardless of the size of the audience, motivated and enthused. Eddie is knowledgeable in human relations at many different levels. He understands how and why people think and act the way they do. Through his charismatic style, he can use that knowledge and understanding to mold the thoughts and actions of others to fit business and educational needs.

The man is simply amazing! There are not enough words to describe Eddie Moore. He is one of a kind and my life is better knowing him.
— Bill White, Director, Human Resources at The Vincit Group